Stewardship Stories

Do you have an Ascension Stewardship Story to share? Contact Cheryl or Jennifer in the parish office. 

Jim Prendergast

Through my participation at the Church of the Ascension I became aware that to build and strengthen the Body of Christ, I needed to physically participate in the pursuit of those goals. My method of achieving these ends was through active involvement in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

My work in the Society has helped many people within the boundaries of our parish, all people without regard to race, religion or life style. The influence has been widespread, not only for the individuals helped but for the community in total. We are known as an organization which helps regardless of the borders of other organizations. We help in feeding families, in helping with financial obligations that seem to be big obstacles, and in many other ways in mending lives. Sometimes we just listen and offer encouragement, sometimes we can suggest other ways to approach a problem, but in every case, we bring the face of Christ to those we visit.

My involvement in the Society has helped many of the families within our parish region. But the biggest change has been in me. The Society demands my time on its schedule and the requirement of putting the Society above my self-interest. The Society’s first goal is my spirituality and that has been made manifest in how I approach and carry out the duties of being in the Society. In every meeting of our Society we start with prayer, scripture reading and discussion and try to discern how that passage reflects on how we do our work in the Society. This focus on “my” spirituality is continually reflected in how I conduct my life, not only in my Society work but in all my life.

On every home visit that I do with my partner, I am bringing Christ to all those we visit. We do that through our willingness to minister to all without exception, to help to the extent of our resources and never judging those whom we help. So, while we know that we have changed many lives for the better through our help the biggest recipient of a changed life is me. I finally understand that the Society’s focus of improving my spirituality has found it mark and now I am able to be the face of Christ to those we visit and am active in building the Body of Christ with all those we encounter.

The Church of the Ascension has opened my eyes to realize that not only do I need to strengthen the Body of Christ but to open a path of putting that into practice and then everyone benefits, especially me.