Ascension offers many opportunities to deepen our faith through the preparation and reception of the sacraments.

For more information, contact our parish office at 480-837-1066 or use our Contact Us form.

Infant Baptism 

  • Parent preparation classes
  • Godparent classes available
  • Six month preparation period


  • First Reconciliation Preparation
  • Weekly Reconciliation on Saturdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm
  • Penance Services during Advent and Lent

Confirmation and First Eucharist

  • Preparation classes for children and teens
  • Registration in Religious Education and Youth Group
  • Celebrate the sacrament with family at Ascension


  • For children, teens, and adults wishing to enter into the Catholic Church
  • Preparation tailored to your needs
  • Adults and teens participate in Questions of Faith

Anointing of the Sick

The reform of Vatican II has helped us to understand this sacrament is not only confined to those who are physically ill, but for anyone who is in special need of healing such as:

  • Those suffering anguish of spirit (depression, grief, family or marriage difficulties, or any mental disorder).
  • Elderly people who have become weakened even though no serious illness is present.
  • Those preparing for surgery, including children.
  • Persons suffering from long term illness, or children with chronic or acute illness.

The communal celebration of the Sacrament is available once a month.


  • Marriage Preparation
  • Convalidation


  • Funeral Mass planning
  • End of Life information
  • Pastoral Assistance