Service Organizations

St. Vincent de Paul

Be part of an organization of volunteers who assist those in need in our community with food, utilities, rental assistance, gasoline, referral help, and clothing assistance. Donations from the community fund this ministry. They have a help line 480-837-7287 that can be called 24/7. You may also visit their page.


Retrouvaille is a program designed to provide help and support to married couples who are undergoing difficulties in their relationship. It has also proven helpful to couples who are separated or divorced. For more information, see our Ministries Contact List or visit the Retrouvaille site. No group discussions.

Caregivers DUET

DUET Faith in Action is an interfaith program of Beatitudes Center DOAR that provides free informal support services to home bound elderly and/or disabled adults over the age of 18 and to family caregivers. Volunteers from congregations and wider community are trained, supervised, and insured.

Foundation for Senior Living and Adults with Disabilities

The Foundation for Senior Living is devoted to preserving dignity and promoting quality of life for all seniors, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers. They offer the widest variety of services and maintain the highest standards of excellence.