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Regarding Public Masses

The dispensation from Sunday Mass obligation remains in effect for the foreseeable future. The weekend Mass from Ascension will continue to be recorded and be available for viewing at 5 pm on Saturdays.

Public Mass is slowly being introduced at Church of the Ascension. All Masses will be in the Chapel set up in the parish hall. There is seating for approximately 45 persons. Chairs are set up for social distancing and should not be moved. All are encouraged to wear masks. There will be Masses this Sunday, May 10th at 8 and 10 a.m. — If people are healthy and want to attend, they MUST call the office at Church of the Ascension (480) 837-1066  to reserve a seat.  

Additionally, weekday Masses will be celebrated at 11:30 am beginning  the week of May 11th on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Chapel. The same seating and procedures will be observed as on the weekend. You are also requested to call the office at Ascension to reserve a seat(s) for these weekday Masses.  

Father John recommends:

“Is Our Freedom Being Taken Away?”  This video defines what “freedom” means theologically for a Catholic/Christian.  Fr. Cole affirms that a Catholic/Christian does live for his or her totally unfettered freedom to do what he or she wants.  That is not a person’s of faith definition of freedom. 

Watch Mass Online at Our YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel each weekend to watch the latest Mass.

You may find an extra video or two to see as well.