Ministry Contact List

You may use the following Ministry Contact List to get in touch with someone about each of our ministries. Additionally, you may use our Contact Us form found on our Join page. Of course you are also welcome to call or stop by the parish office any time.




Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament        Parish Office                                     837-1066

Altar Servers Scheduler                              LeAnn Pernot/Deacon Phil             837-1066 x201

Altar Servers Trainer                                  Deacon Phil                                      837-1066

Art & Environment                                     Karen Ramos                                    836-3972

Baptism Preparation                                    Cheryl Hentz                                      837-1066 x206

Bulletin Stuffers                                           George Andersen                             836-8315

Children’s Liturgy of the Word                  Cheryl Hentz                                    837-1066 x206

Coordinator of Liturgy                                Charles Szczepanek                         837-1066 x208

Cursillo                                                          Kathy Anderson                               837-0043

Director of Catechetical Ministries           Cheryl Hentz                                    837-1066 x206

Director of Music                                         Charles Szczepanek                         837-1066 x208

Eucharistic Ministers                                  Amy Kobylka                                     837-1066 x201

Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor        John Gallagher                                837-1066 x210

Fair Trade Coffee Ministry                         Ron & Nancy Beck                           837-0004

Finance Council                                           Elmer Naber                                     837-8036

Hospitality (Ushers)                                    Amy & Dan Cohorst                        471-2822

Lectors                                                           Nancy Ordowski                              480-203-5278

Life Long Learning                                       Deacon Phil LoCascio                     837-1066 x202

Money Counters                                            Bill Targos                                         837-9006

Office Manager/Bookkeeper                       Mary Lou Kubes                                837-1066 x204

Parish Administrative Assistant                LeAnn Pernot                                   837-1066 x201

Pastoral Assistant                                         Dolly Hartel                                       837-1066 x205

Pastoral Care                                                Deacon Phil LoCascio                      837-1066 x202

Pastoral Council                                          Corinne Butts                                   480-272-8440

Prayer Line                                                   LeAnn Pernot                                   837-1066 x201

RCIA                                                               Deacon Phil LoCascio                     837-1066 x202

Religious Education Grades K–5              Cheryl Hentz                                     837-1066 x206

Sunday Coffee Ministry                              LeAnn Pernot                                    837-1066 x201

Youth Group -Middle & High School       Cheryl Hentz                                    837-1066 x206



Andre House

  • Mary Lou Cecilio (Tuesdays)         837-4245
  • Gerry Davis   (Thursdays)              602-550-1097

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick              Deacon Richard Smith                    837-1066

Matthew Community                                  Mary Targos/Jean Briggerman     837-9006/837-6510

Mission Rosary Makers                              Marie Juetten                                   949-8973

Visiting the Sick                                           Deacon Phil LoCascio                     837-1066 x202



St. Vincent de Paul                                      Fountain Hills Help Line                837-7287

Boy Scouts                                                    Scott Woods-   480-284-5627 Cell

Retrouvaille                                                  Ron & Nancy Beck                           837-0004

Caregivers Duet                                                                                                        602-274-5022

Foundation for Senior Living & Adults with Disabilities                                  602-285-1800