Art and Environment

Join the team that creates an atmosphere of beauty that supports prayerful worship. Your work clarifies the differences in liturgical seasons. The team members often call upon additional volunteers to carry out major seasonal decoration projects if you are interested in volunteering with one season.

Sunday Coffee and Donut Ministry

Rotating teams are responsible for picking up the donuts and brewing the fair trade coffee for Sunday morning hospitality.

Prayer Line

Members of our community spend time praying for others. As prayer requests are made, the information is sent to our volunteers who spend time each day praying for those in need.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is part of the mission and ministry of the church. Every member of the parish has a responsibility to serve others. The ministry of our pastoral team takes the Eucharist to any parishioner who requests it because he/she is unable to get to church. In addition to bringing the Eucharist, they reinforce the message that the homebound person is still considered part of the parish community and the rest of the community is one with them. Local nursing facilities are visited weekly. The Sacrament of Anointing is available upon request. Call parish office for assistance.