Ascension’s Family Faith Ministry welcomes all families. We strive to connect families to other parishioners and the parish community. We celebrate together and share our encounters with Christ even in the ordinary moments of our lives. We value the importance of the relationship we have with God and help each other nurture this friendship. We uplift and support parents as a community in their role of raising the next generation of Catholics. We inspire families to be Christ to others in the world. We understand life is messy and embrace everyone where they are in life’s journey. We support one another to bring relief to those who are struggling with restlessness, busyness, and suffering.

Welcome – Invite – Nurture

Welcome – Embracing families and connecting them to parish community. We want each family that attends Church of the Ascension to not only feel like they are welcomed in the community, but also that they belong here. This is their parish home. This is a safe place for them to be supported and loved. A church where they can experience the presence of Christ in the Liturgy and its members.

Invite – Providing a variety of opportunities that meets the needs of each family. Each family is unique. That is why we offer personalized guidance with at home faith practices and community involvement.

Nurture – Helping parents pass on our faith to the next generation within the messy, busy, hectic lives of families. Every family is unique, and we walk with each family on their faith journey.

We Invite You to Try One of These

Family Small Faith Sharing Groups

Experience the love of God in the everyday moments of our lives. Learn and live our faith together in a family small faith sharing group. 

Families are matched with other families to support each other in love and faith.

Sacrament Preparation

Receiving the Sacraments of Initiation gives us more opportunities to experience the presence of Christ in our lives. You or your child may wish to prepare to receive the sacraments. We have ongoing preparation for:

  • Infant and Child Baptism
  • First Reconciliation
  • Confirmation (Restored Order)
  • First Eucharist

Team H.O.P.E.

Middle and high school youth have the opportunity to Help Other People Every day at Team H.O.P.E. Together, we assist each other to better understand our relationship with God. Additionally, we support and encourage Team H.O.P.E. members to go and make a difference in the world in their unique way.

Elementary Faith Nights

Elementary children in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to be part of the parish community at our Elementary Faith Nights. Celebrate feasts and seasons of our liturgical year with other elementary children, volunteers, and members of our parish. These evenings are filled with fun ways of expressing our faith together.

Adult Ongoing Faith Formation

Knowledgeable parents and adults from the parish community are needed to help young people experience God in their lives. Maybe it has been a long time since being at Catholic school and we need a refresher course, or we are looking for something more. All adults are invited to explore our ongoing adult opportunities.

Online Learning Library

Available to all registered in Family Faith Ministry is an online library of learning topics for both youth and adult learning. This a great resource for those times when more flexibility is needed in our schedules.

Family Outings

Throughout the year opportunities for outdoor activities are scheduled like hiking, biking, and picnics. These provide ways for us to strengthen and build our relationships as a parish community.

Vacation Bible School

Summertime is our time to throw a big bash with Vacation Bible School! Every year brings a new theme with ways to have fun and celebrate the Love our God has for us. There is a place for everyone, adults, youth, and children, to join the fun.