Adult Faith Formation

We have several opportunities for faith formation that meet the needs of our community.
Check our Calendar for up to date times for events.

Questions of Faith 

A discussion based learning opportunity where questions are answered, the issues of the day are tackled, and a teaching of the church is presented; all in one hour! There is debate, listening, teaching, laughing, and praying. Open to all. Every Sunday at 11 am-noon, in the parish conference room. 

Faith on Tap 

A monthly, faith based, presentation/discussion session, in an informal environment, with pizza and drinks. We cover current issues of the day and infuse the discussion with what the Gospel has to say, where our church stands, and how the issue is affecting lives. In the past we covered Faith & Humor, 2016- The Election, Jesus: The Man, Suffering: What’s It Mean? Etc. 3rd Sunday of the month, 6-7:30 pm in the Hall.

Men in Spirit 

A men’s prayer and spirituality breakfast meeting. We begin with prayer, have a brief presentation followed by discussion and sharing. Our primary focus is spirituality with an emphasis on how we live as Christian men in the world today. Current events are always a focus of applying our faith. Every month, 8-9:30 am in the parish Hall.   

Ascension Women’s Coffee

A spirituality group for women who are seeking to grow deeper in their faith. In community, we connect as women to experience God through prayer, scripture, music and sharing. Past session topics include humility, prayer, wisdom, gratitude, and Advent, all as they relate to a woman’s heart. Each session is self-contained and women can come as they are able. Facilitated by Diane Owens, spiritual director, and Deb Findlow, parishioner. Sessions are held once a month Starting in October. Check the Calendar for dates and times.

Life Long Learning 

A series of visiting presenters who bring topical expertise, intellectual stimulation, and dynamic presentation skills to our community. There are 1-2 presentations per month, and topics include: How The Bible Came To Be, History of the Church, The World According to Francis, Surprising Secrets of Catholic Social Teaching, The Theology of The Cross, Funeral/Burial Preparations, and many more. Presentations are scheduled in the parish Hall, 9-11 am Thursdays and/or Fridays.